Friday, January 1, 2010

Friday Fantasies: I'm Sorry, My Dear Avatar

I have a small confession to make. Although Dan and I had every intention of seeing the 3-D IMAX version of Avatar today – which would have been our second viewing since this awesome movie was released – the universe, sadly, had other plans. You see, last night, we decided to celebrate New Year's Eve in true New Orleanian fashion – by slamming back tequila shots and Abita beers and dancing the night away at a burlesque-style French Quarter bar called One Eyed Jacks. As mentioned on my American Nomad blog today, we ended up boogieing for four hours straight – all the while dressed for a 1980s-style prom. (By the way, I'd post a photo, but alas, I didn't have my camera with me, so you'll just have to imagine me with teased hair, gold eyeshadow, a bright green dress, and black go-go boots).

So, long story short, we didn't get home until well after four in the morning – a great way to kick-start the new year, but not such a great way to guarantee that we'd make it to an afternoon screening of Avatar. Fuzzy heads and 3-D glasses just didn't seem like a smart combination.

Although we're bummed to have missed the screening (for which we'd already purchased tickets – poop), we had such a wonderful time hanging out with my stepbrother and his wife last night that we really don't care. Besides, despite the fact that we'll be in southern Florida for the next month (while I research for my Florida Keys travel guide), I'm sure we'll find a movie theater somewhere down there. After all, Avatar can wait, but New Year's Eve celebrations only come, well, once a year.

So, what did you do to ring in 2010?

P.S. And, this might go without saying, but nevertheless... Happy New Year!


Deb@RGRamblings said...

Sounds like you guys rang the New Year in in style! I'd be jealous but I don't envy you the tequila hangover, ugh, nasty!

We had a pretty mellow one, I think we made it to 12:02, which is pretty good for us. We have been known to listen to the countdown in a different time zone and flake out at 10 our time. :D

Laura Martone said...

Well, Deb, tequila hangovers notwithstanding, Dan and I had a pretty darn good time. In other words, no regrets.

I'm glad you were able to see the year turn. I confess that there might have been one year when Dan and I "flaked out" before midnight, too. But it was kind of on accident. ;-)

Jen said...

I'm glad you had a fun NYE! I celebrated with my best friend that I've known since I was 9, her sister, and her brother-in-law at a really cool wine bar in Santa Monica. Lots of drinks and lots of fun!

Donna Hole said...

I cleaned house - I hate cleaning - doing all the dusting and knocking spiderwebs out and window cleaning. Stuff I usually only do when I move out. Then I opened my novel one last time to see if there was any hope for it in a final read through/revision.

Somewhere a long time ago I read that what you do on New Years (or NYE) is what you'll continue to do all year. So I bit into the superstition in hopes that I'll be doing load of writing and keeping my house marginally cleaner over the next year. It was a good start. Nobody in the house but me for two solid days. Yipeee!!

Sounds like you did the NYE in style! I'm going to see Avatar today. I'm sure I'll enjoy it.


Becky said...

We spent it with good friends and their kids high in the Cascade Mountains of Southern Oregon surrounded by 80+ acres of woods and meadows. Fireworks were involved, and it was the first one we've rung in with the kids, who we let stay up until almost 1 in the morning! Just got back from our whirl wind trip tonight!

Patti said...

sounds like you had a great time and although Avatar is a great movie it will wait. Have fun in Florida.

J.J. Bennett said...

Sounds like a blast to me. Well worth the struggles of the morning...Glad you had a great holiday!

Laura Martone said...

Boy, am I behind with my blogging - guess that's what happens when you spend the weekend packing and cleaning. Ick.

Anyhoo, I owe a few responses...

Jen - Howdy, girl! I'm glad you had such a good NYE, too. Wine bars can be awesome places to spend the night. Hope 2010 is off to a good start for you. :-)

Donna - So, if it's true that how you spend NYE is how you spend the year... then I'm in for it. Don't think I could do a repeat performance of my NYE every week, but it sure was fun! Glad yours was so productive. I waited to do my cleaning yesterday and today. P.S. I hope you liked AVATAR - we're gonna see it again next weekend!

Becky - Your New Year's celebration sounds enviable - beautiful, too. Hope the boys enjoyed their late night!

Patti - You're absolutely right. Given how well it's doing, AVATAR will still be around this weekend, when we plan to see it. In the meantime, we're on the highway, headed for the Keys. Woohoo!

Jennifer - It WAS a blast - and well worth the aftermath. Hope your NYE was fun, too!