Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday: Appreciation

I see it all the time on the blogosphere – heartfelt appreciation for one's fellow bloggers. Sometimes, people are grateful for the supportive writing advice they receive. Sometimes, they're thankful for the encouragement offered during a personal crisis. Sometimes, they're just happy for the solidarity and comradeship of their online pals.

I, too, have felt gratitude for my fellow bloggers – and those that take the time to lend support when it's sought. So, thanks, everyone, for the well wishes this week – I'm feeling better already.

And thanks, too, to my beloved kitty, Ruby Azazel, who's rarely left my side while I recuperate from this nasty flu bug. I'll admit she seems a bit confused by my inadvertent impression of a slug, but she's been a trooper nonetheless, curling up next to me most of the day and making me giggle in spite of my symptoms. Of course, now that I'm on the mend, she's back to her old tricks, rifling through the trash, hopping on forbidden surfaces, and nibbling my arms and ankles whenever possible. Isn't that right, my little demon seed?


Stephanie Thornton said...

She's a cutie! I wish my cat was as sweet, but she's a demon.

Glad to hear you're feeling better!

Deb@RGRamblings said...

Good to hear you're starting to feel better. I love Ruby's eyes! The Blue Dog was confused too when I was laying around. Of course he's too big and stinky to curl up with, but he did lay outside the bedroom door and stare at me LOL!

Becky said...

Pets sure have a 6th sense about that kind of stuff! Biko wouldn't leave my side, and was also a perfect angel right after my dad died. It was really strange, but also very comforting. Glad you're on the mend!

Stephanie Faris said...

Don't pets make the best little nurses? Somehow they know when we aren't feeling well and always know what to do to make us feel better. (Usually just snuggle!)

Laura Martone said...

Steph T. - Yep, she's a little cutie, for sure - although even she has her demon moments.

Deb - I think I overworked myself yesterday doing laundry - feels like a relapse. Must take better care of myself. P.S. I think it's hilarious that the blue dog stared at you while you were sick.

Becky - Pets sure do. I'm happy that you had Biko to help you through it - I imagine Ruby would be just as comforting. Weird how some animals just know when they're needed.

Steph F. - Ruby is indeed a good nurse. Just lying next to her helps me more than all these meds.