Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Whimsical Wednesday: Kitty Lovers

Wednesday's post is usually reserved for chatting about hobbies and interests, and though I feel a little strange about classifying kitty love as an interest, I have to admit that Ruby's been on my mind a lot lately. It probably has something to do with the fact that I've recently written about hiking and traveling with pets on my American Nomad blog – not to mention the fact that, as a stay-at-home freelancer, I'm constantly around my beloved kitty. If she's not trying to crawl across my keyboard, ripping up a cardboard box only a few feet away, chasing random insects and milk jug rings, or suddenly springing upon me with plaintive meows and relentless nibbles, she's snagging my attention just by sweetly napping in one of several favorite spots closeby. Even at night, she rarely leaves my side. So, it's easy to see why I love her so much – even when she drives me batty, I can't help but be grateful that Dan brought her home nearly three years ago.

It also doesn't hurt that, as I've expressed before, she's fun to watch and easy to travel with. In fact, Dan and I have been lucky enough to love two kitties during our time together – a sweetie named Pawws and our current fireball, Ruby – and both have given us more joy and peace than we'd thought possible, especially since, prior to being kitty parents, neither of us had had many positive experiences with cats. Though both of us have always loved dogs, I must confess that, when it comes to kitties, our tunes have changed a bit over the years. Now, we find it impossible to resist petting the feral kitties that prowl the streets of the French Quarter or sniffling every time we see a heart-tugging commercial courtesy of the ASPCA or Humane Society. Of course, even before becoming kitty lovers, each of us considered animal abusers one of the lowest forms of humanity, but now, as self-proclaimed kitty lovers, we find such heinous behavior even harder to tolerate.

So, what about you? Do you consider yourself a pet lover? If so, what furry critters are currently in your life?


jbchicoine said...

We used to travel with our kitties--one of them loved to travel in the cab with us, stretched out on a pillow between the seats! Then a gain, we lost one at a campground. I think he's probably sitting on some old lady's lap, smelling of canned tuna and cheap perfume...better that than joining the circus. Gosh I miss our kitties. Maybe someday I'll meet Ruby! :) ;)

Laura Martone said...

Oh, my goodness, Bridget - lost a kitty in a campground?! I would be devastated if that happened to Ruby - despite her penchant for nibbling my flesh (only mine, mind you), I sure do love the feisty little furball... and I'd surely have to wrestle her away from the little old lady that found her, no matter how fond she'd become of the tuna!

And, yes, someday, I would LOVE for you to meet Ruby - maybe we can stop and visit on our next drive up north - if you're still in Michigan by then. ;-)