Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Fantasies: A Mild Case of Twitardedness

If you’ve been paying any attention to television ads, movie trailers, and Internet chatter, then you know that New Moon, the second installment of The Twilight Saga, was released to theaters today. So, in honor of my hubby, Dan, and my newfound pal Bane – two of the most vocal Twilight curmudgeons I’ve ever met – I feel that I should admit something: Despite the fact that I read all four of Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight Saga novels, I’m not the biggest fan of her work, and I thought the first film was, well, abhorrent – with the two onscreen lovers lacking any ounce of chemistry they might have had in the books – and yet, and yet, I find myself strangely curious about the sequel.

So, I have two questions: First, does that make me crazy and/or lemming-like (yes, Dan and Bane, I’m talking to you), and second, has anyone seen the movie yet (ahem, Steph D.)? Well? How bad was it?

P.S. If you haven’t already, check out Bane’s nod to Twilight.


Donna Hole said...
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Donna Hole said...

Oops, I mean:

Haven't seen the new movie and don't plan on it.

I watched the movie "Twilight" and was seriously unimpressed. Everyone I talked to said "but you have to read the books first" and I have to agree that books are usually much better than movies.

Eragon, for example. If I'd watched the movie first, I'd never gotten hooked on the series. Harry Potter also.

Ok folks, I'll admit it; I'm 47. The YA genre is "so far away from me" (Dire Straits). But, even with all the controversy, I'm not inclined to read the Twilight series. Not even to be able to talk about something of mutual interest with my children, nieces, friends of said children. I read Eragon and Harry Potter before I saw the movies; maybe that's why I still enoy the books.

But, I've known lots of teens that say they like the Harry Potter movies even after reading the books. The same teens say they liked the Twilight book, but not the movie. So . .

I think I'll sit out this controversy, plead old age, and avoid comment on anything Stephini Meyers. Though, I've heard her other books are much better than this concept.

Ok, to be fair: I'm a fan of Terry Goodkind's "Sword Of Truth" series of novels. There is now a TV series out. I hate the TV version. Really; hate it. Doesn't follow the novel series at all, though all the characters and their relationships and powers are accurate. I've only seen three or five episodes, which probably doesn't qualify as an informed opinion; but the episodes I saw deviated so far from the original story I was - distressed. Angry at the corruption.

At least the Harry Potter movies - though leaving out a major portion of the essential story (eg: SPEW in Prisoner Of Azkaban) - was true to the original concept and timeline.

Well, the leading male stars in the Twilight and New Moon movies seriously make me sweat. Even though I'm old enough to be their Mom. Somebody get me a wet towel . . .


Bane of Anubis said...

Yes, that does make you a crazy lemming, IMO :) -- Actually, I think the curiosity (morbid or not) is understandable.

And, much to my satisfaction, my wife readily admits that the Twilight series (which she thoroughly enjoyed, unfortunately) would have been better off in a stronger writer's hands.

Of course, I think you really want to see the movie just to check out the nubile (or whatever word applies to the male species) man-flesh :)

PS - stay strong, Dan, stay strong.

Deb@RGRamblings said...

I read all four of the books too Laura, once you start there is that curiosity to see what happens. I picked them up to see what my GD was reading. In all fairness to Stephanie Meyer, she was targeting a young adult audience...

I haven't watched the movies yet, but I'll do that too. Just cause :)

Morgan Xavier said...

I read all of the books and watched the first movie. I found the writing to be extremely light, simple, and definitely intended for a YA audience. As someone once put it, junk food reading. Nothing much of substance. The movie was terrible--the acting painful so painful I was laughing--and yet I watched it again when it came out on video.
That being said, I DO plan to see 'New Moon,' and I'm even a little excited about it. Hopefully a new director and some seasoned actors will spruce up this latest version. Hopefully. Otherwise, I'll get in another good laugh.

Steph Damore said...

Of course I've seen it. Twice. Yep, at midnight Friday morning and again this afternoon :) Remember, obsessive personality again. And you know what? I totally loved it.

Why? In addition to what I've said on my blog, I love the emotions of the characters and the way the story makes me feel. The movies are a continuation of that, no matter how badly portrayed. Although I must say that New Moon was much better than Twilight. Don't believe me? Go see it yourself. Oh happy day...

Laura Martone said...

Donna - Oh, believe me, the first TWILIGHT film disappointed me, too. Books aren't always better than movies, IMO (except in the cases of WONDER BOYS and PET SEMATARY, but I digress...). In the case of the TWILIGHT books, however, they sustained my interest (or horror?) for some ungodly reason... and the first movie was indeed a train wreck.

HARRY POTTER was a strange case, though. I loved the books - and have enjoyed most of the flicks, despite the omission of plot points such as S.P.E.W. But I very much disliked the ERAGON film, which has unfortunately kept me from reading the series.

At 32 (almost 33 - yikes!), I find YA books far from me, too - which is why I don't think I could write them, despite their current popularity. And yet, the TWILIGHT books haunted me a little - despite the poor writing, I can understand their appeal.

P.S. I love Dire Straits!!! Three of their songs are on my MP3 player.

P.P.S. Despite my husband's disdain for all things TWILIGHT, I do find the two male leads tasty. Can we share the towel?

Laura Martone said...

Bane - Well, then, a crazy lemming I'll remain. :-) Course, I do attribute my lapse in taste on morbid curiosity - and an unhealthy attraction for the movie's tasty young men. But, yes, your wife is quite correct - the series could've been much better in a more skilled writer's hands... someone, for instance, who did not choose to make her vampires sparkle. I'm just sayin'.

P.S. Your note to Dan made him smile. I think he feels vindicated. Thanks a lot, Baneypoo.

Laura Martone said...

Deb - I totally agree. My stepmom lent me the first two - so by the time I reached the end of NEW MOON, I simply had to find out what happened next. And, yes, I wasn't the target audience. (Incidentally, my hubby thinks it's funny that you attributed your reading selections to wanting to keep up with your granddaughter. I think his exact words were, "Yeah, sure. That's the reason!" LOL!)

Lisa - Junk food reading! I love it. The books definitely don't have much of substance - and you're right, the acting was awful in the first flick, which is what concerns me about the second. Same actors. Just a different director. But we'll see. Even if I have to go to the movies alone (and pay for something else), I'll see it! And be ready, like you, for a giggling fit.

Steph - Naturally, you've seen it. But twice. Wow, you really are a Twitard - I mean, Twihard! ;-) But, seriously, I'm glad you liked it. Honestly. And I'm happy to hear that NEW MOON is better than the first. Course, it can't be worse!!! (Maybe this time, Dan won't be sending silent eyeball daggers my way - it was my idea, after all, to see the first movie in the theater.)

Daniel Martone said...

Twi-Tards! Twi-Tards!

Junk food reading? Watching these movies is more like eating Peeps! Give me a snickers bar any day!

While I will go to the movies with my own Twi-Tard, I will not pay to support the movie... I'll buy tickets to something else and go into New Moon.

As Laura knows, I love vampires, werewolves, etc. I thought "Interview with a Vampire" was fantastic (love a few of the Anne Rice novels), and to this day I can't decide which is better, "Dog Soldiers" or "An American Werewolf in London" (I love them both), but when you take a below average after-school-special about teenage depression / obsession, and add sparkling, sulking vampires and Abercrombie & Fitch werewolves, you have a recipe for mind-numbing, suicide-inducing cinematic toe jam!

Diane said...

Have not seen either movie yet. I think the excitement towards it was that Bella could be any girl (I'm 38 and yes it could have been me at 17) and that gives the relatability. I did read Twilight and did not think her writing was the greatest in the world, but she's published and I'm not so there ya go...... :O)

Laura Martone said...

Oh, Danny, gracious and eloquent as always. ;-) Honestly, though, I'm not sure which nickname is worse... Twitard (which non-fans call TWILIGHT lovers) or Twihard (which fans call themselves). Of course, you're well aware that I'm a bigger fan of Anne Rice's vampire books - and that I'm utterly insulted every time someone tries to compare Rice to Meyer.

Still, I've already told the nice people that visit my blog that we'll (I'll) be paying for some other movie when we (I) go to see NEW MOON. And I'm not so a Twitard!

Oh, and as for werewolves, I like both movies you mentioned (as you know), but I'm gonna have to go with DOG SOLDIERS. Much cheerier ending, methinks.

Laura Martone said...

Diane - I fully agree. I think Meyer's female readers - young and old alike - can relate to Bella, an ordinary girl who experiences something extraordinary. Still, being published isn't everything... or is it?

Deb@RGRamblings said...

Ha! Tell Dan too funny! Honestly, I wouldn't have picked them up otherwise. I actually read the entire Wheel of Time series on the recommendation of one my sons... dedicated I tell you :D

I'm lovin' Twitard BTW!

Laura Martone said...

Sure, sure, Deb. ;-)

No, seriously, I'm kidding. I know a lot of people - women especially - have read the TWILIGHT books because their children/grandchildren were interested in them. I, alas, do not have that excuse. So, I'm a much bigger twitard than you, I'm afraid.

Bane of Anubis said...

I'll give my nod to Dog Soldiers, though I'm a big fan of Kevin McKidd's (despite Grey's Anatomy), so I'm sure that partially biases my opinion.

Laura Martone said...

Yay, another DOG SOLDIERS fan! That-a boy, Bane!

And, yes, I'm a big fan of Kevin's, too - MADE OF HONOR notwithstanding. ;-)

Becky said...

I haven't seen any of the movies...not exactly my style, but after reading the comment about nubile man flesh, maybe I'll have to go see it ;-)... I hear it's filmed in the PNW, so that intrigues me. Nothing wrong with a little "fluff" every now and then!

Laura Martone said...

LOL, Becky! Nope, nothing wrong with a little "fluff." Course, I don't know why, but "nubile man flesh" sounds kinda gross. Must be my horror-flick mind hard at work.

And, yes, the TWILIGHT books and movies take place in the Pacific Northwest, but obviously, that's not making Bane (who lives in Oregon, too) excited about it. ;-)