Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Fantasies: Ruby Hollow Unearthed

Fridays are usually reserved for reviews of existing books, plays, movies, TV shows, and music. But, today I’ve decided to focus on my novel, Hollow Souls, which is unfortunately not published yet. But, hey, it’s my blog, and I can boast if I want to...

As I’ve already mentioned on one of my other blogs, something very exciting is happening today on Come In Character, a creative site launched in January by two wacky writers (Mira and Ann) to focus on characters... and their authors. Of all the writing-related blogs that I follow, CIC is the one that most inspires me to write (or at least get to know my characters better). Every Friday, one lucky character is featured in the “Character of the Week” post – which offers him, her, or it the chance to share with the other characters and, perhaps, teach his, her, or its “creator” a thing or two.

Well, today, one of my characters – Olivia Harper – is in the spotlight – thanks to Christine H., whose character Ginger was featured last week. So, thanks, Christine! I enjoyed exploring Olivia’s past, which included her childhood in New Orleans and her strange experiences in the secret, underground village of Ruby Hollow. I just hope no one gets upset with her for revealing so many secrets. The Hollow does have Internet access, after all.

Regardless, I’m excited to see how the day unfolds for Olivia, who’ll be checking in frequently from her home on South Padre Island. And, of course, I wouldn’t be surprised if a few other key characters stopped by to say “hello” (or something worse), too. So, if you’re curious about Olivia and my other characters – or just intrigued by the concept of Come in Character – please pay us a visit as soon as you can.


Christine H said...

Um, yeah, there is a serious danger at CIC to spill the whole plot. But it's just sooooooo much fun! You're doing a great job today.

Thanks for joining the whole crew of vampires, incubi, tea shop owners, inmates, band managers, ghosts, shy teenagers, old ladies, and such at CIC!

Laura Martone said...

That's okay, Christine. I'm enjoying sharing the story with all the folks at CIC... and the journey is what matters with my novel anyway, not so much the destination.

Besides, it IS sooooooo much fun! Thanks for the vote of confidence! And I'm more than happy to have joined this wacky crew... though I can see how it can become time-consuming... fast.

Weronika said...

Oh, that's a very cool idea -- introducing characters like that. I'm going to think for a little bit how I can maybe implement that into my Work-in-Progress Wednesday updates.

Great post and pictures, as always. Merci!

Laura Martone said...

It is a really cool idea - and it was a lot of fun, too! My characters taught me a lot yesterday... I would love to see you give it a try on WIP Wednesday.

Anyhoo, thanks for stopping by... and thanks for the compliments! I love sharing my thoughts and photos with my online buddies.