Sunday, August 30, 2009

Weekend Mishmash: Another Award? You Don’t Say?

Last Monday, I was pleased to discover that two of my fellow bloggers, online buddies, and beta readers extraordinaire – Bridget Chicoine and Weronika Janczuk – had awarded me the “You Don’t Say? Super Comments Award.” Although I’ve been blogging regularly for a couple months now and doing my best to comment on other folks’ blogs (after reading all the other comments, of course), I’m not always as consistent a visitor as I’d like to be. Thus, believe me when I say, I’m tickled by and grateful for this honor.

So, thanks, Bridget and Weronika – I appreciate the nod!

In keeping with the tradition of these awards, I’m supposed to pass it along to five more “super-commenting” bloggers. Now, although I received these two awards on the same day (and could, therefore, get away with combining them), I’ll pretend I received them days apart... which means that I plan to honor ten bloggers, not just five. Now, these ten bloggers not only make me feel warm and fuzzy by consistently and/or meaningfully commenting on my near-daily posts, but, as Bridget so eloquently explained on her website, they also, “as a general rule... graciously acknowledge each comment left on their posts.” And, just like Bridget, I don't take for granted the time spent making their followers and commenters feel welcome.

So, without further ado, here are the ten treasured commenters (including the two that gave me the award – sorry, ladies, if the shoe fits and all...):

Stephanie Faris of Steph in the City

Bridget Chicoine of J.B. Chicoine...Aspiring Novelist

Chris of A misinterpreted wave

Weronika Janczuk of Weronika Janczuk

Stephanie Damore of Stephanie Damore

D.L. Strange (a.k.a. Strange Fiction) of Ranch Girl Ramblings

Anita Laydon Miller of Anita Laydon Miller’s Blog

The author of

Bryan Russell (a.k.a. Ink) of The Alchemy of Writing

Morgan Xavier of The Fire in Her Eyes

As my pal Bridget wrote on her blog, “the only requirement for claiming your award” is to “pass it on to five other worthy commenters!”

Oh, and as a final note, I’d like to thank my new friend Becky Johnson, whom I met at my book signing on August 1st. Since we met, we’ve discovered all sorts of commonalities – including our connections to New Orleans, the West Coast, northern Michigan, and Kentucky (the site of my novel, Hollow Souls) – and in recent weeks, she’s been a terrific contributor to my blog. In fact, I would’ve honored her with the “You Don’t Say?” award, too, but, alas, she doesn’t have a blog of her own. What a major bummer – ‘cause, as funny and enthusiastic as she is, she’d surely put my blog to shame. Here’s hoping that she’ll join the blogosphere soon!


Stephanie Faris said...

YAY. Thank you so much. It still amazes me what a warm, supportive environment Blogger is. I'm meeting such great writers, like yourself, and I've only been here a month or so!

TheWordWire said...

An award for thoughtful comments? I just don't know what to say! Thank you, for starters. It's an honor to be recognized. More so, I'm glad to have found something thought provoking to read. You're living my dream life, wandering around the country and writing about it. And I'm intrigued by the premise of your debut book -- there's a place on my bookshelf for anything set in New Orleans. Good luck!

Anita said...

Thanks for thinking of me!

And I think Becky needs a blog, like, yesterday.

Strange Fiction said...

Congratulations Laura, well deserved! And thanks so much for passing it along, much appreciated. Your posts and comments are on my daily must read list-great job!

Morgan Xavier said...

Thanks, Laura!!

I appreciate the consideration, and I will definitely be passing it along :)

I'm sorry I've disappeared off of the face of the blogging earth. I sent you an email with a little more of an explanation, and I promise to blow the dust off of my fingers and to start writing more (that goes for blog postings, comments, and just writing in general). I guess I took summer vacation just a little too seriously :)

Lazy Writer said...

Congratulations to everyone! You all deserve it.

Weronika said...

Woohoo! Spreading the cheer. :) I love it.

Laura Martone said...

Steph F. - You're welcome - it's well deserved. In fact, I'm often amazed at the time you spend posting and commenting... your name is everywhere!

As for Blogger... well, I've never done the MySpace thing, as you did for so long. So, I have no way to compare, but, yes, I've discovered some wonderfully supportive writers and friends on Blogger. Keep spreading the love, and I will, too!

Laura Martone said...

Hey, Wordy!

Oh, and I should say (as a follow up to my previous comment)... I'm grateful for my non-Blogger pals, too - like you. :-)

I love your comments - here and on my American Nomad blog, so the award is apt indeed. And I'm delighted that you enjoy my blog, especially since I like yours, too. Ooh is this what "they" call a mutual admiration society?

Thanks for the kind words about my crazy, nomadic lifestyle... it's not easy sometimes, but it's truly rewarding! And I will gladly send you my novel when it's fit to be printed!

Laura Martone said...

Hi, Anita. No, problem-o. I enjoy your blog... I just don't always comment as I should. How do people juggle it all? When I'm revising my novel, I'm missing blogging... and when I'm blogging, I'm missing my novel. Must learn to live in the moment. (Oh, yes, and I must get Becky to start a blog - pronto!)

Howdy, D.L.! Thanks for the congrats - and for following my blog. I love sharing my crazy notions with other like-minded souls. I just can't believe how many amazing people - like you! - I've met in the blogosphere. Congrats for having such an interesting blog yourself - and thanks for being so supportive of others!

Laura Martone said...

You're welcome, Morgan! Your comments are always appreciated - glad you're willing to pass the honor along... and no worries about disappearing for a while. I just wanted you to know you've been missed (incidentally, I replied to your email). We all deserve a break sometimes... and often such a rest can be good for our writing. So, good luck with everything!

Laura Martone said...

Hi, Lazy Writer! Thanks for following my blog... and you're right! These are all worthy commenters!

Heck, yeah, Weronika. I'm all about spreading the cheer!

Becky said...

You're so sweet! I have 2 kids to keep me busy LOL! Plus I'm extremely new to the "blog" world... Also, a very private person ;-). I love sharing with friends and family though! And I love your blog because we do seem to have a lot in common! You do such a great job writing the blog too! (Off to make biegnets for a bedtime snack!!!) Mmmm fried food!!!!

Laura Martone said...

Hi, Becky! Oh, I know how busy you are... and private, too, but I just thought I'd toss the idea out there! Guess I'll just settle for your funny comments. Hope you enjoyed your beignets! (Wait, did you seriously make them?)

Steph Damore said...

Hey Laura - thanks so much for thinking about me. I'll be sure to pass on the love. Happy Monday!!!!

Laura Martone said...

You're so welcome, Steph. I love your blog and the fact that you try to address your commenters whenever possible. Happy Monday to you, too!

Steph Damore said...

Oh P.S. - I bought your travel guide - MOON MICHIGAN today. I was at B&N and I saw it there on the shelf. As a native Michigander I can say "Excellent job!"

Laura Martone said...

Cool! Thanks, Steph! I know it was a practical choice, but it still makes me feel so warm and fuzzy to know that one of my online buddies has purchased my guide... especially a native Michigander (or should I say Michigoose?). LOL. Hope it helps you out!