Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday: Yoga on the Move

Well, we’re close to Louisiana now – and thank goodness! Long car trips aren’t what they used to be... or maybe I’m not what I used to be.

True, the changing scenery is lovely, and the sudden rainstorms are revitalizing (if only because we have to concentrate on not getting blown off the road), but by the end of the journey, my head aches, my body’s itching for some exercise, and my spirit cries out for some much-needed meditation.

Luckily, though, it’s still possible to get my daily dose of yoga on the road. Rest areas – especially pleasant ones with shady trees – are terrific places to do some of the bigger postures (downward facing dog, sun salutation, etc.) – as long as you don’t mind a few odd stares.

Hotel rooms aren’t so bad either – some are even spacious enough for me to unfurl my yoga mat. Even in a small hotel room, you’d be surprised how creative I can get with my yoga routine – the half-moon, tree, and eagle poses are ideal for cramped spaces. Besides, you really don’t need much space to sit still for a while and concentrate on nothing more than your breathing.

Doing yoga on the move might not be ideal, but it’s better than nothing. So, what concessions do you have to make on long journeys?


Deb@RGRamblings said...

All I can think of at the moment is comfort. Either our new vehicle has really uncomfortable seats, or I'm getting old :)

I just noticed this post, I either missed it this morning or it took a really long time to show up. I think the latter, cause I'm not that old :D

Laura Martone said...

Yes, Deb, comfort is key... and hard to come by on long road trips.

As for the timing of this post, that was my bad. I started it yesterday, but didn't upload it until today. Last night, I had a terrible headache, and today was nuts - between getting to New Orleans, looking for an apartment, and finding raw oysters in the Quarter. You know, priorities. ;-) So, no, you're not THAT old... yet.

Kristi said...

What would life be without a few odd stares now and then:)

Laura Martone said...

Good point, Kristi! I've never been the sort to embarrass easily anyhow... which I suppose is a good thing. ;-)

Elaine 'still writing' Smith said...

Laura, my head is full of images of you and the yoga, and all them are making me smile.

Which home do you enjoy most?

Do you always see each one in the same season?

Don't you wonder what nature paints when your not there? I know my tiny back garden (which has a beech, a silver birch, random pines and berry laden wannabe trees)changes radically when I'm distracted by school work, and writing, for a few weeks.

WORD VERIFICATION: Shotsula - a little hamlet you travel through?

Laura Martone said...

Teehee, Elaine. Now, that makes ME smile. :-)

That's hard to say... each home has its merits. Los Angeles has culture and some good friends. New Orleans has even more culture, plus my family. And Michigan has beauty, solitude, and Dan's family. I guess if I had a favorite, I'd stay put there. ;-)

And, yes, I always see each one in the same season. Dan and I try to avoid the extreme heat of L.A. and New Orleans in summer (which I can't abide) and the extreme cold of Michigan in winter (which Dan can't abide). But I certainly wonder what they look like when I'm not there. Sometimes, I'm envious of those (like yourself) who have found a year-round home that changes with the seasons.

Shotsula? Sounds like a drink in the Big Easy!