Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tuesday Travels: Long Road Trips

Ever since Dan and I purchased a 25-foot travel trailer in the summer of 2000, we've logged thousands of miles on the highways and byways of America. Although we no longer own the travel trailer – or, sadly, have the same kitty that we had back then – we still spend a lot of time on the road every year.

Most recently, we covered nearly 1,900 miles between New Orleans and Los Angeles, where we'll soon be overseeing our sixth annual Beverly Hills Shorts Festival. Such an exhausting, three-day drive – on some rather boring stretches of Interstate 10 – would have been nearly unbearable without such on-the-road diversions as audio books, wireless Internet, conversation, and random roadside attractions.

So, what helps you pass the time on lengthy car rides?


jbchicoine said...

We do a lot of lengthy road trips--16 hour stretches! I find the best way to pass time is typing on my laptop! The hours fly by faster than the miles! :)

Laura Martone said...

Oh, Bridget, that's right - you two definitely have experience with long road trips. And I'm with you - working on my laptop sure helps to pass the time - audio books are a godsend, too.